2010 viola
2010 viola
Celia b laika Sinnock UK
Danny Wong
Diana Adshead Spain 2011
Dr Rolf 2010 Germany
Dr Thierry Poirot - USA - Summer Palace - Beijing
George Sanders UK 011
Jack & Puch
Jonathan Slack - UK
M Pyne USA b-laika 1992
Mark Quitan - Hawaii
Michael Burns USA 2011 Score
Mike Chong
Paul Tsui
Phils bags 2013 USA
Stephen Schaub 2012 USA
Victor Chen
Yves Samuel Winistoerfer Switzerland
Customer comments

Feb 2020
From: Lau Simon
Hi Bee
Just bought my 2nd B-laika in all black this time #2454 from Robert white
I see you have moved the internal zipper integrated inside the front flap. Nice touch
Have 4 fogg bags in total now
Nothing beats your bags in weight, good depth and beautiful design and craftsmanship

Feb 2020
From: Gary Landwirth
Hi bee!
Your fogg has landed safely into my eager hands (I’m grateful that it didn’t end up in that flaming fogg UPS truck - what a horrible story) and it is fantastic, gorgeous, beautiful, stunning, striking, and perfect. I love the little France flag, the tab holder, the colors, the texture, “gary” tags, the smell, the impeccable craftswomanship. I can see your dedication to that perfection in every stitch and fold. And I think I can see your personalities too. Which I like very much.
I can’t wait to take it out into the world. Thanks for making such a spectacular thing. And thanks for making the process of getting it spectacular too.
Looking forward to many more back and forths.
All the best,

Dec 2019
From: from Paul, chez Bergen County Camera

Dec 2019
From: C J Herbert
Arrived! Just opened! Beautiful! Delighted! Thank you!
More to come… but Happy New Year in the meantime.

Nov 2019
From: Charles Cathey
Hi Bee, Sure. The bag overall has been great.
The keyring size and construction is great. However, instead of actual rings on one end, it would have been more useful to have another spring loaded head (similar to what is on the other side). As most people already have their keys on a ring, and they can just snap the ring in/out. The other thing would be to attach it inside of the main pouch (instead of outside). Currently it is designed to work so the pockets in the front hold the keys. However - it is much easier to access the keys (do not have to open the top flap) if the keys are stored in the main pouch - with a longer strip of leather. Then the person can just pull on the leather to remove the keys from the bag (v. opening the main pocket and the small pocket).
The only other critique of the bag is that there is a seam/fold in the leather roughly along the center of the outside bottom of the bag. It would be nice if along the bottom it was a single uninterrupted piece of leather (maybe with a handful of tacks or something to use as feet when the bag is placed on the ground). Just seems like it would be easier to keep clean with a smooth surface.
Note the above comments are really nitpick items. The bag is great. The materials/construction are all top notch. I just used for a couple week trip, and it is now my daily work bag. The only other thing I wished I had added was a place to hold a small number of business cards.
Keep up the great work, and enjoy the rest of the weekend!

Feb 2019
From: Charles Thornton
Good morning bee!
Thank you for asking...and yes, please, I would like my initials done exactly as we did last time.
I really love the 13” Baby Grand and 13” Concerto you did for me last time. They are both such beautiful pieces. Thank you!

July 2018
From: John McLeod
I am starting to appreciate the Last Waltz. The reason I ruled it out initially is that its external dimensions aren't that much greater than the B-Laika, which was too small. But the Last Waltz is an efficient design with relatively generous internal dimensions, essentially the same as the B-Sharp, which surprised me. I also like the fact that it has an internal 'compartment' on the inside back for a book -- will my 5 3/8" x 8 1/4" calendar fit? As much as I like the bumble bee, I find that if I put too much in front, the bag gets front heavy and tips forward. So the Last Waltz's design seems to hold a lot of stuff with good weight distribution.
I also prefer the simple, open back slot of the Last Waltz to the triangular leather piece that fits over the slot of the B-Sharp. For me, simplicity and ease of access are best with this back pocket, which will get used all the time. you and Nigel love the green too, since it's shown in every picture ;-)
You know I don't need another camera bag, right? It's just my love for Fogg bags, on-going communications with you and Nigel, and the insatiable desires of a greedy American whose president wants me to BUY MORE and make the economy great again ;-)